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        , Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of liquid resin printing plate. It is a professional manufacturer and exporter of liquid resin printing plate, printing plate, printing plate, printing plate, printing plate and so on. , Training as one of the professional green printing solutions provider. Flexi Flexography Technology Co., Ltd. was founded always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the key to market expansion as the support, bigger and stronger the brand, doing fine and stronger business development, through first-class management, first-class products, first-class Equipment, first-class service, expand the market share of the country, and actively participate in domestic and foreign competition in the industry, is committed to research and development associated with the plate and the use of liquid photosensitive resin design research and development, has developed large liquid flexo Resin version of the manufacturing technology.

        In order to meet the needs of the market, spectrum Flexography Technology Co., Ltd. has the most complete pre-press processing software, can handle the production from around Europe and Asia and foreign documents to meet the growing OEM business. It is also because of excellent quality, leading-edge technology, quality service, many well-known domestic enterprises, in particular, have been endorsed and favored OEM enterprises. The company will always adhere to the "good faith, to the letter, perfection, to the United States" to "durability, compliance, Boli, re-justice" for the company's business objectives.

        At present, the company's main business: Flexography technology research and development projects, promotion, consulting, technology transfer, after-sales service; flexographic equipment and related materials manufacturing, sales; packaging design, graphic image processing, liquid photosensitive plate version of the work . Spectra 's logo is an open book, symbolizing that we will lead the green flexo printing a new chapter.

        Our slogan is: We control costs for you, you control the market (I control your costs, you control the market)!
company culture
History of Enterprise Development